Each digital marketer knows that SEO is becoming more relevant than ever. With the advent of new developments (e.g. voice search, mobile-first indexing, AI revolution), you need to take control of the SEO success of your website from the very beginning and address any possible problems to stay afloat today.

You want to carry out more SEO activities in less time as an experienced marketer. Either watching your rankings or testing how well your web pages are configured for certain search queries, every marketer will consider SEO software to be a real lifesaver.

Luckily, several helpful online tools are available to help you see how Google looks at your own website and identify areas for improvements.

trust these six methods make it so much simpler for you to keep ahead of your competition.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

There is no better solution than to query the pioneering search engine itself for Google’s way of viewing the website Google Webmaster Tools, which are available free of charge, is a novice-friendly tool which offers valuable insights and expert insights into the fundamentals of SEM and Search Engine Optimization.

For starters, the latest “Fetch as Google Resource” shows URLs that can be helpful if you want to fix troubleshooting issues for bad SEO results. For modifying and personalizing your pages, the information contained in this tool can be used to better result while removing problem coding.

You will evaluate the performance of both your mobile website and your desktop as regards usability, navigation, and acceleration with Google Webmaster Tools. Its functionality becomes extremely helpful because more apps switch to mobile search queries. The only way to keep clients is by providing fast page load rates.

2. Seomator

You can find excellent ability with Seomator if you’re looking for ways to improve your connect strategy. This software is free to test and ensures that connections on a webpage do or do not work, both internally and externally. This helps you handle broken links and improves the quality of your backlinks and quotation strategies.

Since the faulty link control allows changes to editors and advertisers before a website arrives on site, it also can save customers time and immense frustration, who can look forward to seeing the ties. There can, therefore, be nothing more irritating than a mistake that indicates “the link is broken.”

Seomator offers good stability and performance for consumers due to its easy-to-use GUI. Once the website is evaluated, the software automatically highlights both issues and offers advice about how to address them. It encourages the substitution of broken links with links from credible and reputable outlets that no longer are involved and helps to improve the reputation of other on and off-page SEO criteria.

3. Moz Pro Tools

The biggest SEO group on the planet after GOOGLE, Moz, backed by leading industry info. The software can be downloaded for free in 30 days and you can use all of its functionality. Then payments are made from $99 a month to $599 a month. The Pro Subscription allows users to use an entire SEO resource to increase the search engine rankings of their companies.

Moz Pro Tools

The research tools range provides subscribers the services they need to prepare reports, monitor progress, find SEO opportunities and maximize their overall efforts. Moz Pro has a Crawl Check application that allows webmasters to use a web crawler that can test a connecting technique to up to 3,000 connections for a single URL. That can be nice to affect the efficiency of your SEO.

4. SEO Report Card

Developed by UpCity and available free of charge, the SEO Report Card is a comprehensive Page Analysis tool that analyzes the website to assess how well it competes with other businesses in the marketplace. SEO Report Card will provide you with comprehensive and informative analyzes in return for some of the contact information covering rating analyzes, evaluations on-site, confidence indicators, creation of ties, usability to websites and current indexing.

For starters, you can obtain a screenshot from Rank Analysis of your website depending upon the keyword you choose on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. For connection creation, the amount of websites that connect to your platform is given a detailed account. Differentiating between strong, reliable, and weak sources are thus easier. For thinking about your keyword approach, you can also perform a full on-site review.

5. website grader

The device was introduced back in 2007 and can be used for free. The Grader Website has enabled businesses of all sizes and types to assess the potential for optimization of their search engines since then. Much has improved with new updates, of course, and now the app presents you with plenty more. You should check the tempo, requests, and size of your platform for results. Through evaluating the perspective and reaction, you can even check the mobile ease of your app, enabling you to further refine it.


With the SEO app, you can even decide if it is simple for bots and humans to locate the website and what techniques you can use for that your search engine exposure. With the app, you may even apply an SSL certificate to your website that acts as a good way for tourists to show that the information they send is secure and trustworthy.

So now you know of the top SEO website analysis tools above, it’s no question to choose one that better fits your needs and desires.