Ever hear any fraud shopping website? Here you’ll get all the information to be safe and aware of these types of websites. In India, online shopping is trending because it saves time and also gets good-enough products. In all good things also have a bad thing. In an online shopping website you ever heard for delivery faults like someone orders mobile and get an only stone. After these all things, there is new trending fraud based on Delhi and NCR companies doing a very big fraud and hidden from Government yet.

Many companies also involve their employees in this fraud. The company shows its other face to government and hides all fraud works. A company based in Delhi/NCR opened a website named newgrabbers.com and they run ads on Facebook and Google with their attractive images. This type of ad attracts customers to buy their product and that product is fake and the company shows that product value in maximum price.

When Scam Company get ordered via ads on their website-

  1. They never send their products to the customer.
  2. If they send, of course, the product is fake or damaged

They never give you the address of their office. They never return your product if they delivered you a fake product. No much information you get from their website.

After one customer complained, they close their website and redirect it to another address of the fake shopping website.

complaint for fraud shopping website

The old domain name is {https://newgrabber.com/}and now redirect to {https://www.techshopsmart.com/}

Fraud Shopping Website

Many websites are online the same as this and made fraud and also broke the trust of online shopping and also from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, etc.

By using another country proxy they make their shopping website and fraud with people.

How to Check:

You can check firstly their contact details and address. If they have not mentioned any address on their website, don’t buy from their site. If they have address you’ll check their domain age (Means how old their website is). You can check the age of their domain via who.is tool. You can go with your browser and type in the URL section who.is and as the following image you see in your browser.

who.is website

After you see this page, simply type their domain name, ex- techshopsmart.com and hit the search button. You can see the following image:

check domain age and registration details

As you can see in the image’s red box when they register their domain and also the expiry date. If their website registers with a nearby date, don’t think to shop from their website.

If they register their domain before many years there is only a 10-15% chance to do fraud, but still, you have to check one more thing while checking domain age with who.is tool. You’ll also check (scroll down from domain registration date) their name or organization name, mobile number, and email address like the following image:

who.is registration details be like

As you can see how techshopsmart.com fraud with us. They provide these details when he registered their website.

Make sure before shopping online. You may lose your money if you do not check these things.