Backlinking is the important sections for the website to rank on SERP or generate traffic to the site. Choosing the best quality submission website for backlink (link building) is not very hard to find. Here are steps to find the best quality submission websites to do link building. You can find top websites by following steps.  The good submission websites are important to rank fast on search engine result pages. If you do it very carefully, your website always shows on top in SERP’s. A good and best website for submission always have-

1. 30+ Domain Authority (DA):

In SEO- Offpage, you do many types of submission, ex- classifieds submission, directory submission, blog comments, guest blogging, article submission, social bookmarking, press release submission, etc. In any submission site, you must have to check submission website’s DA and also spam score less than 10%. A good DA can rank your submission and also benefit for your website backlinking.

How to Check Website’s DA: You can check DA & spam score from various websites, but you can easily know DA from  MOZ Bar’s chrome extension. Install MOZ Bar extension in your browser and sign up on Moz and it always shows the website DA by visiting websites or search on google.

moz bar extension

In the above picture, you can see on google search and after visit a website, how Moz show us DA. Moz bar also shows your website’s PA, their backlinks count, external and internal link and also help you for highlight link.

If a website doesn’t have good DA or 30- then you have to check the following steps before submission-

2. Check the Website’s Crawling:

If a website has not enough DA, but you want to do submission, then check their crawling on google first. If Google crawls the site properly and the site also has done good work then you go for it. If not meet the criteria or Google doesn’t crawl or caching the website then leave the website because it harms for a long term benefit.

How to check: You can check website is crawling properly or not by edit in starting on URL & type “cache:” like if you check quickr classified website is crawling or not you can simply type “cache:” and then it shows like below picture i.e snapshot appeared on date & time, that shows the last crawl on to check cache of a website

If a post of submission is regular crawling on google that means the website is good enough for submission. If in this step website is passed then also go for the third step before submission.

3. Ads On Above & Below Fold: 

After checking the crawling of a website, prefer this step. In this step, you have to check how many ads run on that website you look for a submission. If that website runs more than 3 ads then that is not good for a submission and if only run 3 ads on a page then in the above fold (open the website and shows the page in front without scrolling) maximum run 2 ads (1 in sidebar required) and same in below fold.


These three steps are best to find the best quality website for submission. In off-page SEO, we have to do many submission so these steps help you to find the best one.

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